Aweber Honest Review

Aweber Review

The oldest and most established email marketing provider

Aweber Honest Review 2020

Great features & a FREE plan

Aweber is a great choice for bloggers and personal brands, to get started with email marketing and email automation .

Ease Of USe 9.2/10
Pricing Structure 9.6/10
Features 7.9/10

Detailed review of Aweber

Ok today we’ll be reviewing Aweber,and the newly released Free plan.

AWeber are a US-based company that make a pretty bold claim, they claim they invented the autoresponder. It then makes sense that marketing automation is one of their key features, along with performance tracking and excellence in customer support.

After 18 years in the business it’s worth checking in to see how Aweber compares against other, younger tools. So let’s jump in and have a look. Hence this Aweber review.

Let’s begin with their pricing structure, which is slightly unique, in that you get access to all features at every tier, and the difference between them is solely how many subscribers you can have.

The problem was that, at lower numbers, such as up to 500 subscribers, it costs $19 a month, whereas you can get similar services for free, or cheaper, with many other tools.

This is over now because they have just released their Aweber Free plan. It’s now free up to 500 contacts, for an unlimited time.

So you can now grow your business at your own speed without paying. And once you get up to 500 email contacts only then will you start paying $19, but by that time you should  be earning way more than that.

It’s worth noting that you get the full automation features on the Free plan, without limitations.

Another great feature to cover in this Aweber review 2020 is that they offer a free migration service if you have email lists with another email provider, even on their free plan, a very nice feature that takes a lot of headache away from switching. email providers.

Once you’re inside your dashboard, it’s quite easy to reach all the areas, and most areas make sense. It is worth noting that in the messages section newsletters  are labelled as Broadcasts, and the ‘Campaigns’ that you can see is actually their marketing automation.

Aweber Honest Review 2020 Dashboard

If you scroll down you can see some basic stats in regards to your most recent newsletters and subscribers.

You can also easily create a new message by clicking the dropdown from the upper right.

Let’s choose the drag & drop email builder for now.

Aweber review 2020

Once you’re within the editor, you can access the templates from the right hand column.

You’ll find quite a good range, although there isn’t an option to preview beforehand, but you can easily cancel your option from below if you’re not happy.

You can easily click the sidebar arrow when in editing mode to hide the sidebar, but once you’re in template mode, and you want to minimize it once more, this doesn’t work and instead moves the frame all over the screen. 

If you need more than one column in the email, I’d recommend choosing a template that contains columns, to make your life a little easier, as it can be a little fiddly, but if you persist with this editor, most things are achievable. It’s just a bit of a steep learning curve to begin with.

The elements are all on the left, and clicking anywhere on one will bring up the options.

All the templates are responsive,which is a must in 2020.

Once you’re happy you can save and send.

You can send it easily as a scheduled post, or you could also use the newsletter as part of a Follow Up series. If you want to create a series, then you create a subject and you can also decide the interval and the sending window, which can be handy if you want to send something at a particular time of the week or day.

Aweber schedule posts

You’ll then be taken to the series builder. Once you create other emails within this series, they will be added to the list, which you swap and edit as you please.

As mentioned earlier, AWeber’s version of marketing automation is called Campaigns.

You can access this form wherever you are via the menu at the top.

If you’ve created autoresponder campaigns, like the follow up series we just saw, these will also be shown here. Basically because that is what their marketing automation is. 

The triggers for email campaigns are either from someone subscribing, or when a tag is applied. Then you can choose three options from the left, either send a message, wait, or apply a tag.

Other email services like ActiveCampaign ,have more to offer in the automations department overall. If, however, autoresponders are all you need, AWeber certainly offers an easy way to create them. 

AWeber also have a form creator that can be a little complicated at first glance. But it’s worth looking at, as there are some interesting options, such as allowing you to set how often it displays, whether you prefer it just once, or once every few days.

This is great if you don’t want to annoy your website visitors.

To access the main menu here, you click on the dropdown on the left. And then if there are any advanced options you can click through on the right to see them. You can also toggle sections on and off from above the template choice section.

There’s also a healthy list of integration options available from the My Apps section in the menu bar. For example, you can use the Etsy app to drop your products straight into your email. 

One of the areas that AWeber shines is it’s support. Not only are they fast and very friendly, they also have a helpful blog along with videos, podcasts and webinars to help their subscribers get the most from their email marketing.

AWeber’s list management makes it relatively easy to automate list management, as well as applying tags to users. Not revolutionary, but other tools have done worse in this area.

You can easily track and analyse sales via AWeber, and it’s done in a way that’s easy enough to manage for even complete beginners.

So to end this Aweber 2020 review, they are an established company with great features, awesome support and even a forever free plan up to 500 email subscribers, so be sure to check them out.

To try out their Free plan click the button below.


Aweber now offers a forever free plan up to 500 email contacts. This makes them compete again with other (newer) email providers that also offer free plans.


They offer email automation, but some competitors have more features. Although enough for most, some hardcore email marketers might not get enough out of Aweber's email automations.

Best Aweber features

Aweber review 2020

Unlimited Automation

Aweber offers unlimoited automation for the Free plan. Other competitors offer limited automation on their free plan, other then Active Campaign. Nice work by Aweber.

The most awesome support!

Aweber has some the industry’s best support. They have very friendly support staff going above and beyond to help you. I have personally experienced this and I give them a 5 star rating.

Aweber awesome support
free aweber migration

FREE Migration Service

Aweber offer free migration to them if you are with another email service provider. Meaning even on the Free plan they will migrate your list(s) to Aweber completely free.


"Ideal for anyone looking for a powerful email provider to start for free with and grows as your business grows"

For the needs of most users, Aweber ticks the appropriate boxes. It is powerful and has loads of features. You can use it for free and if your subscriber needs needs grow you can choose one of the very affordable plans.

In addition, Aweber has the best support ever for an email service provider. They offer a forever free plan u pto 500 subscribers and a free migration service if you already have an email list somewhere else. We give Aweber a very good score of 4,8 stars.

Q & A

Is aweber a crm?

No, but they integrate with all the major Crm’s

Is aweber free?

Yes, they offer a forever free plan, up to 500 contacts. Click the link above the Q&A to get the forever Free plan.

Does aweber integrate with clickfunnels?

Yes , please check this article –>

Does aweber integrate with etsy?

Yes, follow these steps –>

Does aweber integrate with shopify?

Yes, follow these steps –>

Does aweber integrate with squarespace?

Yes, follow these steps –>

Does aweber integrate with wix?

Yes, follow these steps –>

Does aweber integrate with wordpress?

Yes, follow these steps –>

Does aweber integrate with elementor?

Yes, follow these steps –>

Does aweber integrate with leadpages?

Yes, follow these steps –>

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